Dinner Mate [2020 Korea Series] 16 episodes END (3) Drama, Romace

Dinner Mate [2020 Korea Series] 16 episodes END (3) Drama, Romace

Song Seung-heon, Seo Ji-hye, Lee Ji-hoon, Son Na-eun, Park Ho-san, Ye Ji-won, Go Gyu-pil, Oh Hye-won, Lee Hyun-jin

Woo Do-hwe, a YouTube channel program planner, is deeply scarred by two breakups, but doesn’t show it. Kim Hae-gyeong is a food therapist and specialist in breakups, who used to be the Giving Tree until multiple women left him. The two happen to have dinner together at a random place and decide to become dinner partners. They both have become numb to love and breakups, and they just meet to have dinner together. However, that slowly changes when one of their exes each show up. Weaknesses are revealed due to the former partners, they criticize and argue with each other, and their relationship as comfortable dinner partners turn into a disturbing one. Nevertheless, they start feeling attracted to each other through the process and it gets complicated when the exes get involved.

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