Batik Zakiah [2019 Malaysia Movie Raya] Drama

Batik Zakiah [2019 Malaysia Movie Raya] Drama

Eyka Farhana, Amyza Aznan, Dato Ahmad Tarmimi Siregar, Rusdi Ramli, Noralbaniah, Laila Nasir, Azar Azmi, Asry Azizan.

Zakiah’s life has always been full of sorrows due to contstant challenges she keeps facing. Zakiah marries a man only to become his second wife. She has always been treated badly by her co-wife and treated like a maid in her own house. After delivering her first child, named Anum, she was divorced and Anum was taken from her at the age of six months old. That incident took a toll on her and left her depressed. She only had Anum’s batik as a memorabilia.

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