Liam dan Laila [2018 Indonesia Movie] Drama, True Story

Liam dan Laila [2018 Indonesia Movie] Drama, True Story

Laila, a highly educated girl, grows up in a family that strongly upheld Islam and respected the Minangkabau custom. At 31 years old Laila is still unmarried. The family is worried about Laila’s bachelor. Pian, Laila’s brother, is urged by his lover to be married soon. Pian can’t step over her unmarried sister. Things changed, when a man from France named Liam comes to marry Laila. Liam, who is studying Islam, met Laila on Facebook three years ago. Liam’s intention is rejected after a family meeting. Jamil, Laila’s uncle asks Pian to help Liam secretly. The situation become complicated when Jamil and Pian learn that the visa deadline for Liam is only 30 days. Plus the arrival of Haris who had just returned from overseas to propose for Laila again.

Cast:             David Chalik, Gilang Dirgahari, Jonatan Cerrada, Nirina Zubir, Praz Teguh

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