Between Love and Desire [2016 Hong Kong Series] 21 episodes END (4) Drama

Between Love and Desire [2016 Hong Kong Series] 21 episodes END (4) Drama

Moses Chan, Maggie Shiu, Ben Wong

The once mild mannered Hugo Ngo Pak-yin (Moses Chan) is driven to become a lawyer who seeks justice and fairness after witnessing the injustice and prosecution of his father who was falsely framed for a crime he did not commit. However, his quest for perfection in his profession slowly turns him into a power hungry, cold, ruthless and inconsiderate of others, human being. Due to his workaholic behavior, he neglects his marriage and his long suffering wife Rebecca Tsang Bo-lam (Maggie Shiu) no longer sees him as the man she loved and married. When Rebecca reconnects with her childhood friend Patrick Lui Wing-hang (Ben Wong), she finds the courage to finally leave Hugo. Patrick, who is also a lawyer, but unlike Hugo, is a kind and compassionate person who seeks no gain when he defends his clients. Now a widower, Patrick hopes his long-time friendship with Rebecca will turn romantic when she decides to leave Hugo, since he had always had romantic feelings for her. On the day Rebecca leaves Hugo she is coincidentally attacked, she suspects Hugo is behind this attack. Hugo realizes the wrong of his past and tries to salvage his marriage.

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