L for Love L for Lies [2008 Hong Kong Movie] Romance

L for Love L for Lies [2008 Hong Kong Movie] Romance

Alex Fong, Stephy Tang and Alice Tzeng

Everything was going well for Kwong Mei-Bo (Stephy Tang) until recently. After graduating from college, Bo opened a sweets shop with her longtime boyfriend, Jun (Stephen Wong Ka Lok), thinking that she would eventually marry Jun when everything has been set up and running smoothly. One day, Bo met her old Taiwanese classmate Kei Kei (Alice Tzeng). Kei Kei liked Jun’s hard working and nice personality, and decided to steal Jun for her own, not caring about Bo’s feelings. Bo not only lost the long time love of her life, but she also lost the sweet shop that she has worked so hard on. Ah-Man (Leila Tong) is Bo’s good friend on the phone. The pretty and attractive Man would often time have some short relationships with other men while concealing all this from her introverted and slow boyfriend, Fung (Terry Wu). Although Man loves Fung, she takes him for granted and thinks he will never leave her despite her selfishness. In the meantime, Fung is two-timing Man with another woman.

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