Guru Bangsa: Tjokroaminoto [2015 Indonesia Movie] Drama, History

Guru Bangsa: Tjokroaminoto [2015 Indonesia Movie] Drama, History

Ade Firman Hakim, Alex Abbad, Alex Komang, Chelsea Islan, Christine Hakim, Christoffer Nelwan, Deva Mahenra, Didi Petet, Egi Fedly, Ibnu Jamil, Maia Estianty, Putri Ayudya, Reza Rahadian, Sujiwo Tejo, Tanta Ginting

Tjokroaminoto (Tjokro) who was born of nobility Java with strong Islamic background, did not say anything to see the condition of the people of poverty and social inequality early after the Cultivation and ethical policy around 1900. He dared to leave the status of nobility and worked as a stevedore . Tjokro struggling to build an organization SI, largest first bumiputera official organization, which has up to two million members. He struggled to equalize the rights and dignity of the Bumiputera community colonized. This struggle became the inception of character and national movement. Tjokro is the intellectual, clever stratagems, has a lot of expertise, including a martial arts champion, engineers and legal, critical newspaper writer, orator who is able to enchant thousands of people, making the Dutch government concerned, and act to inhibit the rate of motion of the SI. Tjokro struggle through SI organization also threatened by divisions of the organization itself.

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