Tie The Knot [2014 Taiwan Series] 70 eps END Romance

Tie The Knot [2014 Taiwan Series] 70 eps END Romance

Life doesn’t always allow you to do things in the proper order.

Li Xiao Mei is a career woman who works as a manager for a wedding consulting firm. When she finds out that she suffers from a condition that has to be treated by removing her uterus, Xiao Mei finds a sperm donor so that she can have a child before removing her womb. A wedding gown designer, Liu Zi Jun, falls in love with Xiao Mei and tries earnestly to win her over. But Xiao Mei’s unexpected new boss, Huang Shi Jia, develops feelings for her as well.

Which suitor will she choose to tie to knot? –viki–


Cheryl Yang as Li Xiao Mei 厲曉玫
Dou Dou (豆豆) as Li Hao Hao 厲好好
Nylon Chen as Huang Shi Jia 黃世家
Kingone Wang as Liu Zi Jun 留子俊
Tao Man Man (陶嫚曼) as Huang Shi Ting 黃世婷
Sun Qi Jun (孫其君) as Ou Ping Kang 歐品康

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