Empty Rooms [2001 Japan Movie] Drama, Adult

Empty Rooms [2001 Japan Movie] Drama, Adult

Mao Nakagawa, Takeshi Itô, Yûji Tajiri

Sachiko (Nakagawa Mao), a young woman frustrated with her life of dull routine, and seeking stimulation outside the deadening monotony of housework and catering to her needy husband, befriends Kobayashi (Yûji Tajiri), a neighbor whose wife has been carrying on an affair right under his very nose and is unemployed for some time. Learning of her unfaithfulness, Sachiko’s husband (Takeshi Ito) seeks solace in the arms of prostitutes, while his wife decides to run off with her new lover. However, it isn’t long before, Kobayashi, feeling homesick, yearns to return to his wife, throwing her into despair.

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