One More Happy Ending [2016 Korea Series] 16 eps END (3)

One More Happy Ending
[2016 Korea Series]
16 eps END (3)
Comedy, Romance
Jang Na-ra

Jung Kyung-ho

Yoo In-na

Kwon Yul

Yoo Da-in

Seo In-young
A romantic comedy about a once-popular first generation girl-group, whose members are in their 30s and are living very different lives, and the men they encounter as they fall in love once again.


In the 1990s, Han Mi-mo (Jang Na-ra), Baek Da-jung (Yoo Da-in), Go Dong-mi (Yoo In-na), Hong Ae-ran (Seo In-Young) and Goo Seul-ah (Sandara Park) were once members of the successful idol group “Angels”. However, the group struggled internally due to Seul-ah’s intolerable attitude and meanness, which was further aggravated by her being the most popular member. Fed up with Seul-ah’s selfishness, Mi-mo got into a highly publicized physical fight with her and the group disbanded in 2003.


Retired from show business, the once-divorced Mi-mo now works as a rep for a remarriage consulting business and is expecting to marry her fiancee Jeonghoon. Tragically, Seul-ah rears her head again and Mi-mo is dumped in favor for the popular singer turned actress. Her former bandmate Da-jung is also a rep at the same company. She married a rich man, but her marriage is on the rocks. Dong-mi, who was the least popular member in the group, is now an elementary school teacher. Over the years, she lost her good looks and feels lonely. Ae-ran is a representative for an internet shopping mall. The women are all still friends except with Seul-ah.


Song Soo-hyuk (Jung Kyung-ho) is a reporter and a single father. He has a friend, Goo Hae-joon (Kwon Yul), who is a doctor and single. Song Soo-hyuk and Goo Hae-joon become involved with the women.