My Daughter Geum Sa Wol [2015 Korea Series] 51 eps END (5)

My Daughter Geum Sa Wol
[2015 Korea Series]
51 eps END (5)
Drama, Family
Baek Jin-hee, Park Se-young, Jeon In-hwa, Yoon Hyun-min, and Do Sang-woo
a-wol, Hye-sang and Oh-wol grow up in the same orphanage as best friends. On the day the orphanage collapses, Hye-sang finds out that Sa-wol is to be adopted by her wealthy biological father instead of her after a DNA test that reveals the mixed up between them. Eager to be raised in the upper class society, Hye-sang traps the orphanage director, who is also her true father, in the collapsing building with Oh-wol to hide the truth. However, when Sa-wol ended up being brought into the family as well, Hye-sang starts tormenting, blame shifting and burying the truth, to make herself the better daughter. As the story goes, her web of lies gets bigger and bigger and becomes harder to control.

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