Din Sardin Beraya [2018 Malaysia Movie Raya] Drama, Raya

Din Sardin Beraya

[2018 Malaysia Movie Raya]
Drama, Raya
Izzue Islam, Aprena Manrose, Kazar Saisi, Dalimawati, Raja Afiq, Azira Shafinaz, Bell Ngasri, Qazem Nor

Che Ta (Mira Filzah) is gone and moved to Johor. Their relationship has ended 6 months. Flash back will also tell about their parting cause for various reasons such as the difference between Din and Che Ta. Then Che Ta is too firm to Din. Din is much younger than Che Ta, making Din immature. So likewise the jealous Din’s character caused Che Ta to be upset. They continue to fight, lose compatibility and finally Din who breaks the relationship with Che Ta. Since then Din is upset. Coincidentally Che ta has been promoted to JPJ Johor. One night, Din is helping patrol enforcement units. At that time Aisyah escaped from the house, a car violated Aisha and the car accelerated away. Din saved her and carried her to the hospital. Since then, they have become acquainted until Aisyah is allowed to go to the hospital. But she had no direction. She also drops Aisyah to her friend’s home, Siti.


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