Missing Noir M [2016 Korea Series] 10 eps END (2)

Missing Noir M
[2016 Korea Series]
10 eps END (2)
Action, Mystery, Thriller
Kim Kang-woo, Park Hee-soon
Gil Soo-hyun is a genius who entered Harvard University at the age of ten. After working for the FBI for a decade, he mysteriously decides to return to Korea, where he gets assigned to lead a special missing persons task force that goes after the 1% toughest unsolved cases.

He becomes partner of Oh Dae-young, a detective with a lot of years of experience in the field and a strong sense of justice. Whereas Soo-hyun is overly analytical, Dae-young goes with his gut feeling. These two characteristics are combined in this series and with their will to serve justice, they book in prison a lot of violent criminals.


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