Master Key [2017 Korea Series] 13 eps END (2)

Master Key
[2017 Korea Series]

13 eps END (2)
Reality Show
Lee Soo-geun

Jun Hyun-moo

Kang Daniel

Ong Seong Wu
The game starts with the 12 players trying to find 12 keys scattered around Master Village, one for each player, before proceeding to the Room of Fate and check if their respective key is one of the two Master Keys or not. Players will then be divided into two teams of 6 and compete in various Investigation Mission games in order to obtain clues about the Master Key owners. The audience also acts as Watchers and can vote for one of the players before each episode to allow the player to win a special benefit of obtaining additional clues about the Master Key owners. At the end of the episode, the players must vote for two names that they believe are the Master Key owners. Players who correctly vote for both Master Key owners will win the prize of 12 gold keys. The two Master Key Owners will have to avoid getting voted the most and must find each other in order to win the 12 gold keys prize. If none of the two scenarios happen, there will be no winners.

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