Once Again [2017 China Movie] Fantasy, Comedy, Romance

Once Again
[2017 China Movie]
Fantasy, Comedy, Romance
Tu Calvin / Wang Zhifei / Chu Athena / Xia Zhi Yuan

Eran (Zhu Yin ) and the founding of the road (Wang Zhifei ) Married for many years, often because of trivial trivial things in the boring, in the 20th wedding anniversary, the two finally rebellious trouble to divorce, the road nationwide away from home and lost contact. At this time Lu Jianguo’s nephew Lu Damin (Du Tianyao ) is suddenly appeared, disrupting the original life of Ye Lan: not only and the road Jianguo son Road Xiaofei (Xia Zhiyuan) to become buddies, and to help his pursuit of the girl yoyo ( Wang Jia Ning), but also the road to build the country’s rival Xiao Feng (Huang Zheng ) fiercely allusion. Ye Lan also feel strange is that the road is not just long with the young road when the founding of the same, even the demeanor gestures are also no difference, so that Ye Lan have the illusion of heart. And has not been the voice of the road to build the country as if the world evaporated in general, until Ye Lan to see the road Damin out of the road only to build the road will be rotating dance

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