Hiyokko [2017 Japan Series] 156 eps END (10)

[2017 Japan Series]
156 eps END (10)
Kasumi Arimura

Ikki Sawamura

Yoshino Kimura

Kazunobu Mineta

Michiko Hada

Rie Shibata

Hitomi Satō

Yui Sakuma

Yūki Izumisawa
In 1964, Mineko Yatabe (Kasumi Arimura) was born and then raised at a mountain village in the northwest of Ibaraki Prefecture. She has 7 family members. Her older brother is smart and he is the first person from their village to an university. Her father goes to Tokyo to earn tuition fees for her older brother. Mineko thinks if she graduates from high school, she wants to help her grandfather and mother with farming. Mineko Yatabe’s life changes after her father fails to come back.

To find her father and make money, Mineko goes to Tokyo with two of her childhood friends. They begin to work at a factory. After work, Mineko searches for her father. The factory goes bankrupt and Mineko finds that she does not have a place to live. Fortunately, Mineko finds work at a western restaurant that her father mentioned that tasted great. She begins to feel like like part of a family with the restaurant owner and other employees. Can Mineko find her father?

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