Cook Up a Storm [2017 China Movie] Comedy, Cooking

Cook Up a Storm
[2017 China Movie]
Comedy, Cooking
Nicholas Tse, Yong-hwa Jung, Yan Tang
The story focuses on two young talented chefs, Sky Ko (Nicholas Tse), a southern-style Chinese chef, and Paul Ahn (Jung Yong-hwa), a Michelin-starred Korean chef trained in France. Both with reasons to climb the culinary ladder as top chefs. In the past, when Sky was ten years old, his father, Mountain Ko ( Anthony Wong), left him behind with his friend, Uncle Seven (Ge You), master chef of Seven Restaurant. When asked why, Mountain told Sky that he has no talent as a cook and Mountain would only take him back if he can prove to be a great cook. In reality though, Mountain chose to pursue his culinary career over being a father and made the excuse that Sky can’t even make a decent bowl of noodles right to make him a worthy son. Because of that, Sky spent the next twenty years to become a great chef under Uncle Seven’s training. On the other side, Paul made a promise to his dying father that he would become a great cook. Through that journey, he became a highly successful chef in Europe and decided to run his own restaurant in Hong Kong, Stellar. However, this would bring conflicts to both Paul and Sky.

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