My Lover From The Planet Meow [2016 Hong Kong Series] 32 eps END (4)

My Lover From The Planet Meow
[2016 Hong Kong Series]
32 eps END (4)

Romance, Comedy

Moses Chan

Kristal Tin

Nancy Wu

Eddie Kwan

Pierre Ngo

Vivien Yeo
Head of Research and Development at HTDG hair technologies Garfield Sit (Moses Chan), sees a Scottish Fold kitten in the window of a pet shop tangled up in toilet paper and decides to tell the pet shop keeper. Before Garfield gets a chance to give a piece of his mind to the neglectful shop keeper he gets talked into buying the kitten which he later names Miu-miu (Kristal Tin). Mistaken as a cat burglar, Garfield meets dedicated police women Cat Chiu (Nancy Wu). During the mistaken makes up and almost being arrested Cat causes Garfield to lose Miu-miu. Feeling that it was Cat’s fault that Miu-miu is missing, Cat’s Superior Si Sir (Ram Chiang) orders Cat to help Garfield find Miu-miu. In the process of finding Miu-miu, Cat and Garfield gets to know each other personally and soon starts dating, get married and have a daughter together. One day Miu-miu faints and the veterinarian tells Garfield and Cat that due to old age Miu-miu will die. Miu-miu dies and her spirit goes into outer space. While in outer space Miu-miu still looks in on Garfield and his family. Unable to stand Garfield and his daughter being bullied by an obnoxious parent, Miu-miu heads back to earth and takes up a human form to work alongside Garfield and become his daughter’s nanny due to Cat’s greater passion for her career.

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