Dead Wrong [2016 Hong Kong Series] 28 eps END (4)

Dead Wrong
[2016 Hong Kong Series]
28 eps END (4)
Drama, Thriller

Roger Kwok

Joey Meng

Kenny Wong

Vincent Wong

Rebecca Zhu

Stephanie Ho

Zoie Tam

During a business trip to Vietnam in 2006, Hong Kong business consultant Vincent Wai and his team get abducted by a local Vietnamese crime gang, who attempt to ransom them for money. Vincent’s assistant, Max Hong, manages to escape their captors, but Vincent is taken to an uninhabited island off the shore of Ho Chi Minh City, where he is locked in a prison. Most of the gang members die in a shootout with the police, and the line of evidence leading to Vincent’s whereabouts are wiped clean. After being missing for ten years, the Hong Kong Court declares Vincent legally dead.

Ten years later in 2016, a battered and malnourished Vincent escapes his prison and is rescued by a Vietnamese fisherman. He returns to Hong Kong to reunite with his family, but learns that his declared death had lost him his identity and assets. His wife Cathy is also already remarried to their friend Yan, a private investigator. With nothing more left to hold on to, Vincent returns to his old firm, where he is warmly received. With the help of his former assistant Max and his superior Queenie Yip, Vincent rebuilds his business consulting empire.

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