WWE The History of the Hardcore Championship 24/7 [2016 USA Movie] Sport

WWE The History of the Hardcore Championship 24/7
[2016 USA Movie]
“Since its inception in 1998, the WWE Hardcore Championship has been sought after by some of WWE’s toughest and most unpredictable competitors. From deranged champions like MANKIND, RAVEN and AL SNOW to fighting champions like ROB VAN DAM, UNDERTAKER, TOMMY DREAMER and HARDCORE HOLLY, to unsung heroes like “THE LETHAL WEAPON” STEVE BLACKMAN and CRASH HOLLY, this set takes a comprehensive look at the greatest WWE HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP matches in history. It’s unpredictable… it’s wild… it’s HARDCORE!”

The above is the official blurb on the WWE DVD website for this collection and it pretty much sums up what the three discs will contain and who the main attractions for the division were during what many consider the be the greatest period in the history of pro-wrestling (and a small period after too).

Presented in a round-table format, we have Mick Foley, Rob Van Dam and Raven linking the various eras together (in a way that screams Table for 3) and chatting about what the title meant to them personally and the evolution from it being a joke at the expense of Mankind in the very beginning, to giving adrift characters like Bob Holly an identity and direction, through the goofier times of the 24/7 era with Crash and on to the more serious battles when RVD and Undertaker held the belt.

The main strength of the release (other than the Rob, Raven and Mick) is seeing how it grew and became respected within the company (even if it was for a short time) and while it is mostly remembered for low-card wrestlers having quick matches, The History of the Hardcore Championship reminds you that genuine and future main-event talent competed for the belt, including (but not limited to) The Rock, Kurt Angle, Kane, Undertaker, Edge, Christian, Road Dogg, Big Show, Booker T and Jeff Hardy.

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