IQ246: The Cases of a Royal Genius [2016 Japan Series] 10 eps END (2)

IQ246: The Cases of a Royal Genius
2016 Japan Series
10 eps END (2)
Yuji Oda, Tao Tsuchiya, Dean Fujioka, Shuntaro Miyao
Sharaku Homonji (Yuji Oda) is the eldest son of a distinguished family who has studied crime for generations. The eldest son from the Homonji family has tested for an IQ of 246 for generations and Sharaku Homonji possess an IQ of 246.

Soko Wato (Tao Tsuchiya) is a detective. One day, she is assigned to the investigation section #1. Her job there is not to investigate crimes, but to escort Sharaku.

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