Fire Up [2016 Singapore Series] 20 eps END (4)

Fire Up
2016 Singapore Series
20 eps END (4)
Drama, Cooking
Huang Biren as Zheng Meimei

Thomas Ong as Zhuang Yingxiong

Brian Ng as Zheng Xiangfan

Hayley Woo as Zheng Xiangfei

Lin Ru Ping as Wu Delan
The drama’s main protagonist (Huang Biren), a two-time ex-convict, resolves to turn her life around and sets up a zi char stall, after failing to get a job, following her release from prison. She works hard and tries her best to make amends to her two grown up children while helping other fellow ex-offenders find jobs (by hiring them to work at her stall) and re-integrate back into society.