You Can Be An Angel Too [2016 Singapore Series] 20 eps END (4)

You Can Be An Angel Too
2016 Singapore Series
20 eps END (4)
Zoe Tay as Wang Ruojun

Xiang Yun as Wang Ruo’en

Bryan Wong as Xie Yaozong

Rebecca Lim as Guan Xinni

Elvin Ng as Fu Jiazi
Wang Ruojun (Zoe Tay) is a veteran Nurse Manager. At a chance encounter, she disregarded her personal safety to rescue Liu Youle (Sheila Sim) who was attacked by a ruffian. Youle felt profuse gratitude towards Ruojun. Upon receiving tender care and warm encouragement from Ruojun during her hospital stay, Youle decided to take up the nursing profession and became a well-liked nurse by her patients she has taken care of.

Ruojun and her husband, Huang Yiqiang, had been a loving couple married for years. Ruojun discovered that Yiqiang turned unfaithful and to make things worse, he was caught in the act with naked photos and being blackmailed. A cleanliness freak, Ruojun could not bring herself to forgive Yiqiang and made the painful decision to divorce. Yiqiang remained deeply in love with Ruojun and refused to let her go. He persisted and sought help from Meiying for a chance of reconciliation. However, Ruojun held no more feelings for Yiqiang. Just as she was about to start a new relationship, Yiqiang was brought down by a stroke and she was stuck in a dilemma. Ruojun was dealt with a final blow when she realized that the philandering Yiqiang not only had a one-night stand, he had even bore a child with another woman.