Rudy Habibie aka. Habibie & Ainun 2 [2016 Indonesia Movie] Drama

Rudy Habibie
aka. Habibie & Ainun 2
2016 Indonesia Movie
Boris Bokir, Millane Fernandez, Chelsea Islan, Ernest Prakasa
This movie was the prequel of the movie Habibie and Ainun in 2012, it was based on the book Rudy: Kisah Masa Muda Sang Visioner by Gina S. Noer, or in English Rudy : The Young Life of the Visioner. The plot line was started as Rudy Habibie entered the RWTH and meet up with his other friends in Germany, and his struggle life as a student, and his love life before he eventually date Ainun. The story also highlighted the meaning of friendship, and family treasure, and how hard, and tough life is. The movie also highlighted the meaning of patriotism, and understanding of archipelago life, and culture.

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