Return of the Cuckoo [2015 HK & China Movie] Romance, Drama

Return of the Cuckoo
2015 HK & China Movie
Romance, Drama
Julian Cheung

Charmaine Sheh

Joe Chen

Nancy Sit
Several years has past after the TV series. Man Cho (Julian Cheung) continues his life as a local errand boy, supplying people with food and items in the local streets of Macau. During this time, Man Cho meets a beautiful mute girl, Kei-Kei. The two share a romantic bond as both communicate through sign language and many thought the two will tie the knot until the unexpected return of his beloved step-sister, Kwan-Ho (Charmaine Sheh). Kwan-Ho returned to give her mother, Qi (Nancy Sit), a surprise visit before Man Cho escort Kwan-Ho to her hotel room. The two smile at each other and Kwan-Ho mentions how great it was to see him again. Unknown to everyone, Kwan-Ho just lost everything in her life.

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