My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan [2016 HK Series] 25 eps END (4)

My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan
2016 HK Series
25 eps END (4)
Kent Cheng, Tommy Wong, Eliza Sam, Alice Chan, Mat Yeung, Kingdom Yuen
Former triad Ho Kei-song (Kent Cheng) has put his former gang life behind to become a chef and later owner of his own small restaurant since falling in love with his current wife So Yau-lam (Alice Chan) and wanting to provide an stable family life for his daughter Joyce Ho Fuen-sam (Eliza Sam). Life is good as Kei-song and Yau-lam make a good living at their small restaurant and Kei-song’s cooking is popular with the locals that frequent his restaurant. Also with Yau-lam’s help of providing a mother figure to Joyce, Joyce is an university graduate who works as an investment banker. Their happy family life is threatened when Kei-song’s triad boss Lau Cheuk-nam (Tommy Wong) is set to be released from prison after serving twenty years in jail. Not only does Cheuk-nam wants to pull Kei-song back into triad life but Kei-song and Yau-lam’s marriage is also put on the line as Yau-lam was Cheuk-nam’s girlfriend who never officially broke up with him.

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