Presumed Accidents [2016 HK Series] 28 eps END (4)

Presumed Accidents
2016 HK Series
28 eps END (4)
Thriller, Crime
Lawrence Ng, Sisley Choi, Selena Li, Lai Lok Yi, Ramond Cho, Joyce Tang
Antique and Cafe shop owner George Kiu (Lawrence Ng) has an mysterious life. He is an immortal that has lived since ancient times. He was given a life elixir by Princess Yuet Ngai (Selena Li), a women he loved when he was a high ranking general during the Yuen dynasty. A minor car accident connects him with Eunice Yan (Sisley Choi). Since Eunice resembles a loved one from his past, with the help of his personal butler the two begin a blossoming friendship which he hopes will bring them closer, but what seemed like romantic pursuing is actually something else as George has his reasons.

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