People of Fuyou – Wife of Mt Fuji [2014 Japan Series] 6 eps END (1)

People of Fuyou – Wife of Mt Fuji
2014 Japan Series
6 eps END (1)
Drama, Biography
Sato Ryuta, Matsushita Nao
In 1895, Nonaka Chiyoko (Matsushita Nao) is the loving wife of Nonaka Itaru (Sato Ryuta), who dreams of installing a weather observatory on the summit of Mt. Fuji in order to get more accurate weather forecasts. After many years of working towards his goal, Itaru finally gets his chance to build the observatory, but Chiyoko is worried whether he can survive the harsh winter on Mt. Fuji. So she decides to make it clear that she will be going with him to support his dream. And she will, no matter how many of those around her tell her she shouldn’t…

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