Girls Generation [2016 China Movie] Romance, Comedy

Girls Generation

2016 China Movie
Romance, Comedy
Huang Cancan, Ao Quan, Nan Sheng, Wang Zihao, Wangzi Jie
Half cooked, the definition of adolescence is the most reasonable, it is a dream place to start, there is no thought, only the most simple of the firm, however, in this age is full of surprises, the future seems to be very specific, they have infinite possibilities. The story has stayed with Tomboy sprouting grass Lovers love school, esprit de corps friendship has four sisters, but also learn a good girl and twin tyrants genius distracted, restless enthusiasm they behave rationally in the breakout, write a laughter and pain, dreams and love of youth forbidden song. Perhaps, between semi and mature’re just that desperate. “Treason.”

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