Kaki Kitai [2014 Malaysia Movie]

Kaki Kitai
2014 Malaysia Movie
Action, Comedy
Shaheizy Sam, Fezrul Khan, Farid Kamil, Emily Chan, Adam Corrie
Kaki Kitai tells the story of two best friends, Grenggo / Din (Shaheizy Sam) and Yoi (Fezrul Khan). Grenggo / Din swindle Yoi and prides itself in very great, rich, famous and so forth when in fact Grenggo / Din are just ordinary people who work in a hotel. Ayoi less cleverly very impressed with Grenggo / Din and asked for his help to get a job as a chef. When they decided to have lunch at a restaurant, they inadvertently frustrate the operation of the police with Lidi mafia gang led by Branco (Adam Corrie). The operation was conducted by Inspector Farid (Farid Kamil) which is also a compatriot them both. Branco very angry because he had been kidnapped fiancee cheated Inspector Farid, Mimi (Emily Chan) and taken hostage. Is the outcome of this operation? Are Grenggo / Din and Yoi will be involved with this operation? Get Inspector Farid Mimi rescue of hostages Branco? Are Grenggo / Din will continue to be a kaki kitai?

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