New Initial D The Movie 2: Racer [2015 Japan Movie]

New Initial D The Movie 2: Racer
2015 JapanĀ  Movie
Animation, Racing
After witnessing Takumi’s gutter run to defeat Keisuke, Takeshi Nakazato of the Myogi Night Kids decides to race against Takumi’s Eight-Six, believing to be the best match against his Skyline R32 GT-R. He proceeds to Akina to practice, where he encounters Ryosuke, who believes Nakazato’s GT-R will not be able to defeat the Eight-Six, infuriating Nakazato.


Whilst Takumi and Iketani are out, Itsuki unexpectedly encounters Nakazato at the gas station and accidentally accepts Nakazato’s challenge on Takumi’s behalf. Despite Itsuki’s urging, Takumi initially doesn’t accept as he believes he is not a street racer. Yuichi overhears the Speedstars’ problem and discusses with Takumi why he shouldn’t race, referencing how good the GT-R is and that no one would label him a “coward” if he doesn’t race. Intrigued, Takumi changes his mind, but arrives home with Bunta, and the Eight-Six, missing. Whilst he was eagerly waits, he realises how much of a racer he already is.

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