New Initial D The Movie 1: Awakening [2014 Japan Movie]

New Initial D The Movie 1: Awakening
2014 Japan Movie
Animation, Racing
The movie opens with Koichiro Iketani driving on his way home on Akina, where he witnesses an impromptu battle between Keisuke Takahashi of the Akagi RedSuns and a mysterious Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 (known simply as “Eight-Six”), which outmaneuvers Keisuke, defeating him.


Later, at a gas station, Iketani invites his co-workers Takumi Fujiwara and Itsuki Takeuchi to a meet with his street racing team, the Akina Speedstars, located in Akina. While there, they find that the Akagi Red Suns were already there. Keisuke wanted to find and challenge the “monstrous” Eight-Six whereas Ryosuke, Keisuke’s brother and leader of the Red Suns, uses the meet to initiate his plans to dominate the Kanto region. During their practice, the Speedstars are outmaneuvered by the Redsuns’ amazing driving skills, but this doesn’t stop Iketani from trying to keep up. As he starts another downhill run, he suddenly crashes into the guardrail due to his car striking a sharp bump along the road.

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