A Complicated Story [2013 HK Movie]

A Complicated Story
2013 HK Movie
Jacky Cheung, Jacqueline Zhu, Stephanie Che, Zi Yi
“A Complicated Story” does contains an interesting premises about the issue of surrogate mothers, but unfortunately the film suffers from overall awful pacing issues. The first two acts goes extremely well in a slow, but equally engaging manner where character development and happenings are a core focus. However, all that potential and build up is essentially ruined by a rather rushed final act that seems to race to the finish line, the effect is like a Ferrari speeding along the congested traffic. In other words, it is essentially against the flow of things. I understand that producer Johnnie To, tried to distant himself from being involved in this project, whether to give youth a chance or whatever, I still believe that with more of his experience and influence, the film may well have ended a better product.

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