Sinaran [2015 Indonesia, Singapore & Malaysia Movie]

2015 Indonesia, Singapore & Malaysia Movie
Romance, Drama
Lisa Surihani, Evan Sanders, Izara Aishah, Syarif Sleeq, Nadiah M Din
Sinaran film is a film joint venture between Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore featuring great actors like Lisa Surihani and Izara Aisha from Malaysia, Evan Sanders of Indonesia, Syariff Sleeq and Nadiah M Din from Singapore as well as a special appearance by jazz queen Datuk Sheila Majid , The musical concept of the film Sinaran under the direction of acclaimed director Osman Ali of Malaysia. Musical romance film tells the story of a college student named Shila a new study on the challenges in life and in love relationships. Shila (Lisa Suiani) is forced by her friend Tina (Izara Aisha) to join a dance class at her college. Tina disappointed when Andre (Evan Sanders) Shila want to be leaders in their performances. Shila with heavy hearts agreed. Andre and Shila first fell in love. Andre did not care about her best friend, Dafi who have problems with loan sharks. Tina and Boris agreed. Tina took over the show and win the match. From gaining popularity and friendship with Shila fading. Love and friendship are at stake while the finals are approaching dance.

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