Master of Destiny [2015 HK Series] 32 eps END (4)

Master of Destiny
2015 HK Series
32 eps END (4)
Liza Wang, Angie Chiu, Hawick Lau, Tiffany Tang, Monica Mok
Liza Wang is a legendary woman. Her husband (Wayne Lai) committed suicide early on after suffering a business failure. She raised their three sons and an adopted daughter by herself, while single-handedly building a business empire. She is grooming her sons to be her successor, including eldest son Kenny Wong, second son Hawick Lau and youngest son Edwin Siu. Her adopted daughter (Kimmy Tong) has a crush on Hawick, though his heart already belongs to someone else. Unfortunately, the relationship doesn’t work out, so he focuses on his career instead. This puts Kenny’s position into jeopardy. The ambitious Monica Mok suddenly barges into Kenny’s world and they begin to plot against Hawick. As the family faces all kinds of crisis, lawyer Angie Chiu’s identity is revealed and Kimmy returns from abroad. How does Liza, a woman who can hold up half the sky, handle these difficulties?

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