Where The Wind Settles [2015 China & Taiwan Movie]

Where The Wind Settles
2015 China & Taiwan Movie
Amber Kuo, Haden Kuo, Tony Yo-ning Yang
From small Fengxian With Sheng Peng, straight, father of three small range, they barely find shelter illegal buildings in Taipei, and encounter noodle Wenliang Xian Shu’s daughter Ayu , gradually to become a man. This group not related to each other, because of the war and the fate of connected family, born from the war, grew up in migration, it is more under the seeds of love and fermentation, find where to settle down for life. Life flapping in the wind like dandelion, but also as tough as weeds thrive, so after a few years, Sheng Peng still obsessed wife and children back home, like a rope to tie him down in his heart, life does not have forgotten.


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