Where Are All The Time [2015 China Movie]

Where Are All The Time
2015 China Movie
Drama, Romance
En-chun Chiao, Dylan Kuo, Zi Yang

Yao Yuan (Dylan Kuo) and Lin Yutong (Yang Zi ) is a pair of children in the special period of SARS become attached to a small partner. Years later, the two meet again in the university campus, a teenager’s innocence, today’s love, everything is beautiful like a fairy general. After graduation, he originally intended to join into the marriage hall, because Yao Yuan emergency abroad, ??? of missing, accidentally lost contact, missed each other.

Time flies, Yao Yuancheng to an outstanding engineer. A chance encounter the same time to catch the thief “Road see injustice,” Shen Xin , they increasingly familiar. Yao Yao Wencheng remoteness worried father (Vincent Chiao ) body, decided to marry as soon as possible and Shen Xin. Unexpectedly on the two wedding ceremonies, Yao Yuan former college roommate, George suddenly appeared, then disappeared ??? tells the truth.

Still in love with his face Lin Yutong and about to become his wife Shen Xin, Yao Yuan in the end will be how to choose ……

Youth ignorant, perhaps the most beautiful people missed the fireworks, but what is the most beautiful fireworks?

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