Brick Slaves [2015 HK Series] 20 eps END (4)

Brick Slaves
2015 HK Series
Drama, Comedy, Romance
20 eps END (4)
Vincent Wong

Selena Li

Evergreen Mak Cheung-ching

Eliza Sam

Kiki Sheung

KK Cheung

The drama is a comedic view of the high cost of living and struggles regular Hong Kong citizens go through in order to be able to own property in modern Hong Kong society [2]


Jack Lau Yiu-ming (Vincent Wong) and his girlfriend Annie (Toby Chan) diligently saves up enough to purchase a flat to plan their future together. In order to make their monthly mortgage payment the two live an extremely frugal lifestyle where they can’t spend on extra luxuries. When Jack proposes to Annie she breaks up with him and confesses about her other fiancee who already owns a payed off flat. Jack’s friend Au Mei-nam (C-Kwan), who owns a bar sets up singles night at his bar hoping Jack will get back into the dating. The only female that catches his attention is a lady who complains about how awful the food being served taste.


Jack, still devastated by his break up with Annie decides to splurge on his hobby. On the day he is to pay and pick up his splurge, bad luck after bad luck happens. First he and a work associate gets robbed at a parking lot. While chasing the robber he damages House Lo Bit-tat (Evergreen Mak) car. Later Jack finds out the company he works for deals in illegal activities and all upper management has been arrested by the police. With the company he works for out of business he starts his search for a new job with no luck. Jack applies to All In One Property Management, a company that manages and rents property, as an Supervisor in desperation to find a job even though he has no prior property management experience, but he messes up even before his interview starts when he barges into CEO Joyce Lei Oi-wah’s (Kiki Sheung), private elevator. Joyce demands Jack to be fired even if he is not an employee with the company. House, who is upper management at All In One Property Management, recognizes Jack and further embarrasses him in front of others during the interview process. While sulking at another unsuccessful job interview Jack sees a girl fall into the bay. He saves her and lectures her about the importance of life, as the two part they accidentally switch cellphones by mistake.

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