The Queens [2015 China Movie]

the queens 2015

The Queens
2015 China Movie
Romance, Drama
Artist Annie (Song Hye Kyo) years of romance came to an end, but fortunately, there are Candy (Joe Chen), Tina (Vivian Wu) such sworn never betray; do not want to, kidnapped Annie lover Melissa (Annie) in career the same step by step! Melissa-hand control, will be caught off guard Annie pushed to the opinion of the sharp wind waves mouth, while friends Candy and Tina have been falling into the emotional vortex wave sly bottom, Annie in solitude clearly found that both Mark (Dou) or Wang Ziyu (Cheng), are not all sharing for yourself ……

Bitter experience of Annie finally found the courage, determined to face all the questions, and do not understand the pain, because she wound up not only a person’s life for her fight is also for the good sisters have been abandoned……



Song Hye-kyo, Vivian Wu, Joe Chen, Annie Yi, Shawn Dou, Tony Yang, Joe Cheng, Qin Hao, Jiang Wu

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