Romantic Repertoire [2015 HK Series] 20eps END (4)

romantic repertoire 2015

Romantic Repertoire
2015 HK Series
20 eps END (4)
Moses Chan, Joyce Koi, Lee Sze Kei, Evergreen Mak
Interior designer Moon Sing Hong (Moses Chan) and his wealthy best friend Tin Hak Kan (Evergreen Mak) decide to open a design company together. Sing Hong wants to use this rare business opportunity to earn enough money to buy an estate so he can marry his longtime girlfriend To Chi Chin (Oceane Zhu), who is still in school overseas.

However, Sing Hong’s plans go awry when his older sister Moon Sing Oi (Angelina Lo) rented his estate to popular Cantonese opera artist Kan Kit (Joyce Koi). Unable to cancel the lease, Sing Hong comes up with various ways to kick Kan Kit out, but under the watchful eyes of Kit’s tyrannical manager Lin Sau Fong (Louise Lee), he is unable to do so. Hak Kan develops a huge crush on Kit and attempts to pursue her, but to no avail. To help his best friend, Sing Hong gets closer to Kit so he can get to know her better. Sing Hong and Kit not only forgive each other for their past offenses, they also become close friends, establishing a subtle relationship. Things take a dramatic turn when Kit suddenly gets in a car accident and finds her birth mother. On the other hand, Sing Hong discovers Chi Chin was already back in Hong Kong, and has been cheating on him all this time. Things never go as planned in the end.

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