Hantu Bungkus Ikat Tepi [2015 Malaysia Movie]

hantu bungkus ikat tepi 2015

Hantu Bungkus Ikat Tepi
2015 Malaysia Movie
Comedy, Horror
Abam (Bocey), Nora Danish, Kumpulan Jambu
Three close friends Fuad, Fadli and Fendi stumble upon a lifeless body by the roadside and, in their panic, have tampered with the crime scene by touching the knife next to the body. They decide to wrap and bury the body. Instead of tying a knot at the top of the wrap, they tie it sideways so that they can easily identify it as the body they have buried if the police ever discover it. However, things do not go well for them after that night as they are haunted by the spirit of the dead man. They seek for help from Mimie to look for the body again, hoping that the spirit will not disturb them anymore after getting a proper burial.

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