Kageri Yuku Natsu [2015 Japan Series]

kageri yuku natsu 2015

Kageri Yuku Natsu
2015 Japan Series
Crime, Mystery
5 eps END (1)
In the summer of 1995, a newborn baby was abducted from Yokosuka General Hospital. The culprits demanded a ransom of 100 million yen from the director of the hospital instead of the baby’s parents. The kidnappers die in a car accident while being pursued by the police.

The baby was never found. 20 years on, the Tozai Newspaper has offered a job to a female university student, Hiroko Asakura. However, shock ripples within the newspaper because of a weekly magazine’s scoop proclaiming she is actually the daughter of one of the kidnappers. Muto Seiichi tries to make her accept the offer.


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