Beautiful World – Ninkyu Helper [2012 Japan Movie]

beautiful world ninkyo helper 2012

Beautiful World – Ninkyu Helper
2012 Japan Movie
Drama, Gangster
Tsuyoshi Kusanagi – Hikoichi Tsubasa

Narumi Yasuda – Yoko Tsutai

Teruyuki Kagawa – Teruo Yashiro

Hikoichi (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi) decides to live an honest life and leaves the gang world. He begins work at a convenience store, but, one day, Hikoichi allows an old man named Yuzo Tsutai (Masaaki Sakai) to rob the store. Hikoichi is then arrested. A year later, Hikoichi meets Yuzo again in prison and Yuzo tells him that when he is in trouble go see Asahina.

After Hikoichi is released from prison, he travels to Taikai city where Asahina lives. Meanwhile, in Takai city, the “Tour Welfare City Project” is championed by local government official Teruo Yashiro (

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