The Gigolo [2015 HK Movie]

the gigolo 2015

The Gigolo
2015 HK Movie
Adult, Drama
Dominic Ho Hou-Man, Candy Yuen Ka-Man, Jeana Ho Pui-Yu, Hazel Tong Chi-Yui, Winnie Leung Man-Yee, Tan Lap-Man, Angelina Lo Yuen-Yan, Ricky Yi Fan-Wai, Elena Kong Mei-Yee, Tony Ho Wah-Chiu

The Gigolo opens with a fleeting glimpse of a massive prosthetic penis, so obviously this shouldn’t be your destination if you’re seeking cinematic class. He Jufeng innocent man (He Haowen) glamorous appearance, but different intrinsic nature Treasures “convex” out of the limelight easily become school fans. He was forced to drop out because of a fighting incident, the mother duck sold in markets (Lu Wan Yan) because of spine problems and downtime, suddenly became the family breadwinner front, life is so earth-shaking changes occur … in front of single-minded cousin red sister (Elena Kong ornaments) duck shop operated as cleaners, but handsome appearance and personality is often silly not molested teenage passenger.

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