Family Hunting [2014 Japan Series]

family hunting 2014

Family Hunting
2014 Japan Series
10 eps END (2)
Yasuko Matsuyuki, Atsushi Ito, Hiromitsu Kitayama
Hizaki Yuko is a child psychologist working at the Childcare Center. At work, her heart goes out to the children at the center, especially so for the little girl Komada Reiko, who suffers abuse at the hands of her drunken father, Komada Koichi.

At home, she has to endure the grumblings of her mother, Tamiko, who is the sole caregiver of Seitaro, Yuko’s father suffering from Alzheimer’s. With the suffering of the children at work and the complaints of her mother at home, Yuko can hardly get any rest and peace of mind. Sudo Shunsuke is a teaching art at a high school, but the days just flow by aimlessly for him.

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