When Love Walked In [2012 Taiwan & China Series]

when love walked in

When Love Walked In
2012 Taiwan & China Series
32 eps 5 disc END
Calvin Chen as Qin Yu Jiang

Victoria Song as Shen Ya Yin

Zhou Mi as Li Shang Lin

Lee Shiau Shiang as Gu Qing Feng

Young, talented, and handsome Qing Yu Jiang (Calvin Chen) receives orders to look for Chairman Yuan’s long lost granddaughter, Shen Ya Yin (Victoria/Song Qian). Because her grandfather tried every means to track her down to search for her and to separate her from her father, she and her father often moved houses and hid away from her grandfather, eventually, her father fell ill and died. Since then, Ya Yin dislikes her grandfather because he has ruined her childhood happiness. Ya Yin’s guardian plotted a plan for her own daughter (Ya Yin’s cousin) to impose as Ya Yin to dupe Chairman Yuan into thinking that she is actually his long lost granddaughter. Yu Jiang gradually enters Ya Yin’s heart but refuses to admit his love for her because she’s Chairman Yuan’s granddaughter. Ya Yin’s evil cousin became an obstacle between Ya Yin and Yu Jiang.

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