The Cutting Edge [1992 USA Movie]

the cutting edge 1992

The Cutting Edge
1992 USA Movie
Romance, Sport
D.B. Sweeney, Moira Kelly, Roy Dotrice
At the 1988 Winter Olympics at Calgary, we see Doug Dorsey battered in a vicious hockey game against West Germany. We then see Kate Moseley doing her program and falling when a lift goes bad.Both have fought all their life to get to the Olympics and suddenly the dream has been shattered. The movie then follows Kate, a tempermental but talented figure skater, through many partners until finally her coach resorts to recruiting a hockey player. Through the difficult training of 15 hours of skating a day they finally prepare for Nationals and the Olympics. A romance is budding and their final show could bend or break them as they try to achieve their dreams of an Olympic Gold medal.


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