Love on the Cloud [2014 China Movie]

love on the cloud 2014

Love on the Cloud
Dec 2014 China Movie
Comedy, romance

Michael Chen

Zhang Luyi

Cao Lu

Wang Ji

Jiang Ruijia

Ju Hao
An artistic young man with dreams of becoming a film director, GU (Chen He), meets a beautiful, young model, XIAOXI (Angelababy), over his mobile messaging app. Meanwhile, his good friend A-GUA also meets a new girlfriend on the mobile app who aspires to become an actress. Everything goes well until A-Gua introduces Gu to a powerful movie investor and they begin to experience the dramatic impact that these chance encounters have on their lives. The investor’s creative demands over the film spark a dispute between A-Gua and Gu and suddenly A-Gua’s opportunistic girlfriend leaves him for the cinematographer, becoming the new lead actress in the film. This is just the beginning of the chain of events set in motion by the subtle

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