Kasut Ku Kusut [2014 Malaysia Movie]

Kasut Ku Kusut [2014]

Kasut Ku Kusut
2014 Malaysia Movie
Comedy, Action
Shaheizy Sam, Pablo Amirul, Atikah Suhaimie, Along Eyzendy dan ramai lagi

Sinopsis : Kasut Ku Kusut tells the story of a young villager named Manap, who lately has been frustrated because his newly bought shoes went missing. At the same time, one of the members of the gangster group Father Dragon, called Markos, is responsible for taking Suzi to the gang leader. During the journey, they have gotten lost in a village and Suzi manages to escape from Markos. Suzi stumbles across Manap who is still searching for his missing shoes. When Markos finds Suzi with Manap, Manap realises that the shoes Markos is wearing bear a striking resemblance to his lost shoes.


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