The Way We Were – 2014 Taiwan Series

The Way We Were [2014]

The Way We Were
2014 Taiwan Series
16 eps END
Ruby Lin as Tang Jia Ni 唐佳妮Leroy Young as Fang Wei De 方韋德

Melvin Sia as Wang Jun Jie 汪俊杰

Tiffany Hsu as Zheng Rui Rui 鄭瑞瑞

Jason Zou as Ding Guo Qing 丁國慶
What choices do you make in life out of responsibility and obligation? While in the nectar of their youth during college, Tang Jia Ni (Ruby Lin) has a one-night stand with Fang Wei De (Leroy Young) to help a friend get revenge but ends up falling in love with him. But the tumultuous events in Taiwan’s late 1990s change their lives forever. During the historic earthquake that struck Taiwan in 1999, Jia Ni’s good friend Wang Jun Jie (Melvin Sia) loses both of his legs. Out of obligation and compassion, Jia Ni decides to marry Jun Jie and settle down to a quiet married life. When Jia Ni and Wei De run into each other again in 2008, she is a married woman and he is about to walk down the aisle. Despite the strong chemistry they still share, Jia Ni and Wei De know they made other choices in life and eventually part ways again as friends. But when fate brings the two back together at a friend’s wedding in 2013, will they make the same decision?

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